Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Mischief

Spring has come, mischief laden,
the dandelions elbow each other,
as they sway in the crisp breeze.

The squirrels run up trees,
then run down for no reason,
hide nuts from one another,
then forget their burrows.
Markovian, they truly are.

The crow on the roof ledge,
screeches aimlessly, and 
trips just as it takes flight.

Its all too funny, and I
just too jobless.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A musical evening


I witnessed a rain drop fall
from the heavens,
to the soft earth
Fleeting existence
infinite vulnerability,
that rain drop was I


Sitting under my shade
with the gushing river
keeping drone,
your sitar played
As you elaborated,
I disintegrated
into bits immensely tiny
What mischievous melody
floated in the wind
only you and the river knew
The wind,
drunk in your music
teased my leaves at first
They shivered in delight
then in fright, until
in surrender complete
Riding on this wind
each note swirled around
like the beads on the skirt
of a whirling dervish
You left me no choice
all that was untrue
had to be shed,
and as my leaves
fell at your feet,
the pretty birds
took flight, for
disguised as mischief
your melody was
the song of my soul
Leaves and birds come,
only to go
But you and I
and our music
in this twilight hour
shall be forever

[Update: Also published in Caltech's Totem 2010]