Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lakeside @ iitb

.. those timeless times at iit bombay.. Posted by Picasa

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Ashok Pandit said...

Many many years back when there was no internet and India was very far away from States, I used to live in States. During private get togethers of fellow Indians, over drinks, discussion would invariably drift to India. The crowd would start talking about India. The discussions would start getting heated up. Everyone would talk about India, his / her own India. This could be Delhi, Kanpur , Chennai, Mumbai --- any metro or small city, rarely a small town or village. Even for Mumbai it could be Pedar Road or Girgaon or Parle or Dombivli or Virar. Each one of these places were WHOLE INDIA for each one of us. None of us were really related to WHOLE INDIA.

Seeing your picture of lakeside ( I think it is on the backside of the guest house / hospital?) I was reminded of IITB and its lakeside. Our swimming in Powai lake, although being afraid of the crocodiles). My IITB from 62 to 67 Hostel 6 room 212 when there were hardly any trees between Main Bldg and Hostel 6. Only 3 girl students for whole of IIT.

What is your IITB and what is mine?

One thing is there : you left it behind only 1/2 years back and I did 39 years back but both of us and thousands of other ex iitians would miss it equally as that was a great time of our lives ( for whatever individual reasons). As somebody wrote "A thing of beauty is joy for ever"


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