Monday, August 24, 2009

The Poet

So poet, you think you're a mystic?
With oars of words and boats of paper
you navigate the gentle waters
churning them this way and that

But deep waters run silent and
I wonder if your oars can reach
the depths that a tiny pebble does

But who am I to say,
for Laozi says it better
Those who know do not say,
those who say do not know.

[Update: Also published in the Montreal Serai.]


antiglam superstar! said...

I "like" it.

knk said...

By order - it is nice! But who is Laozi - the ignorant asks!

uuds said...

Laozi was a famous Chinese philosopher (some say 6th century BC) and more precisely, a Taoist.

knk said...

Nice poem indeed. Dai

Scribbler said...

Whoa!!! That was stark and sharp. It's bliss to be a Scribbler :)

keep it rollin;)

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